Have you ever dreamed of finding your true path?

Have you ever wanted to know what really matters in life, how you matter?

This is the answer for you. Imagine living your life in perfect harmony. Where your health, vitality, happiness, career, relationships and love is more than just average – it is extraordinary and effortless.

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How to Get Your Sparkle Back is the 12-Step System to Design Your Ultimate Life.

Yes, you can choose to change your life, right now. You can discover your legacy and true purpose, simply by understanding the keys to your behaviour:

  • Why you believe the things that you believe,
  • Why you value the things you do,
  • Why you think the way that you do,
  • How these have influenced and steered your life so far

How to Get Your Sparkle Back teaches you this and much, much more. You will receive the confidence, tools and resources to become the person you were always meant to be.

Many people have trusted the How To Get Your Sparkle Back program to guide them through life’s biggest challenges and decisions.

People have trusted the How To Get Your Sparkle Back program to access the secrets they need to discover their Sparkle and awaken their true purpose.

Now is your time.Take the first steps towards designing and creating your life today…


Books and Publications


Kleo’s first publication: ‘Compelling Selling: How To Earn More By Selling Less’, pulls back the curtain on the Sales Industry and shows you a simple yet effective 12-Step Plan for making an amazing impact on your prospective and current clients without the old “hard-sell” techniques.

These simple strategies can be utilized to increase the sales of any kind of product or service, from the very smallest of companies, to the largest of organisations.

I am up to chapter nine and love it. I want to make people read it when I come across poor customers service. It really is all about attracting the right customers, selling products to meet the needs and wants of customers, and most importantly GREAT CUSTOMER service.

April MacKay

Huffington Post

John Sader shares: Ask anyone who works in any field that serves the emotional or psychological needs of others and they’ll tell you, it’s incredibly common to feel run down when you’re handling everyone else’s problems.

But it doesn’t just happen to those who make it their career, commonly people with high levels of empathy in their nature face the same predicament. So how do people with high levels of empathy re-energise when they often feel compelled to give so much?

I bumped into a friend of mine, Kleo Merrick, who works in the coaching space, and when I asked her about this, here’s what she shared: Read Article